Journal of Field Ornithology

Volume II 1888–1911

Charles Gawen Roberts Gawen


The bookis printed in softback (386 pages, 12 x 18cm)
in a limited edition of 30 copies, most are destined for
libraries, institutions with a few to individuals.

A download will be available from 14 January online on


The Auction

Copy 30/30 is the only copy ‘on sale’ at this auction.

The proceeds of the auction will be donated to the
BTO’s Cuckoo satellite tracking project.

Make your auction offer please email
You can follow the progress displayed here with the date


Current bid: £19.50 5 December 2018


The auction closes on 22:00 on 2 January 2019

2018 Tucker, J. (Ed.). Journal of Field Ornithology Volume II 1888–1911 of Charles Gawen Roberts Gawen, Published privately.


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