The material on this web site derives from an initially personal desire for easy access to published material about the birds of Shropshire for use in my own researches; I have a long-held interest in historical ecology in general and in the history of birds in particular and it was three years ago that I began by scanning for myself a complete set of SOS Annual Bird Reports.

If you are new to this site you should read the User Guide found on the Historical resources page

However now, using technology and thanks to the dedicated website work of my brother Peter, the material I have accumulated is available to everyone. The result is a valuable and unique county scientific resource. It is also timely because work start in 2013 on a Shropshire Avifauna for which the material on this site is proving invaluable as historical background in general and in the preparation of individual species accounts in particular.

This site is available as a link from the Shropshire Ornithological Society (SOS) web site and I also have a hard copy. The menu All historical documents lists all the materials online. The Historical resources menu gives access to a range of useful items including a Citations List of around 430 items, a Species Index of more than 11,700 entries and a Shropshire gazetteer with over 7,400 entries. A volunteer to prepare a Site Index would be most welcome.

Probably the single remaining untapped resource for additional material is The Field which began as a weekly publication in 1853. A visit to the Bodleian Lirbary in Oxford in September 2013 produced the known outstanding material from the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and included some of the known Field material from the nineteenth. However library access to The Field is slow and the task is a long way from complete. The known missing Field material in shown in the Citations List in red. The ideal answer is convenient access to a complete collection of The Field for a full search of its relevant pages but regrettably there is currently no prospect of this happening.

Citations of this work should read:
Tucker, J.J. & Tucker P.G.(2012) The Historical Ornithology of Shropshire.

John & Peter Tucker
November 2013